North America


Jones Family Farm, Pumpkinseed Hill

Happy November! We are both fully obsessed with autumn, and this year, we cheered especially heartily for the summer to leave, as it kept prolonging humid days. Since September, we've visited Maine, France and Italy, so haven't had a chance to visit our favorite fall destination for pumpkins, my aunt and uncle's fresh-blown farm in Connecticut. We actually traveled up for a birthday, but didn't take many photos, so thought we'd share some fall glory from last year that we never got around to…


Marco Island and Naples, Florida

A year ago, we loved our restful time on Marco Island, Florida with Walker's parents, so we were  excited for another trip down there this February thanks to their generosity. It was fun to arrive at a house we're familiar with and no pressure to go anywhere with the pool and estuary behind the house. And so different than most of my over-planned itinerary-heavy trips! Similar to last year, Walker's dad rented a boat for an afternoon (after breakfast at Doreen's for key lime pancakes!) and…


Prospect Park, Autumn 2016

To me, fall has always been the most wonderful time of the year. This started as a little tike when I learned what fall was and assumed my late September birthday, right after school started, was in the fall. Even when I realized it was on the trail of summer (boo hiss), my ardor has persisted. I love everything: the dry scent of the leaves' underbellies, the first sign of white steam off a coffee outside, the anticipation of burst of color––and the reality of a lone tree here and there boiling…