The Nights These Days

We’re still in the same wonderful building we moved into 4 years ago. We meet old friends by the garbage shoot in the hall, and still laugh at how rarely our landlord has our windows cleaned. The lobby’s electronic art screens still don’t work since Hurricane Sandy. We’re thankful to be in our little haven here in BK, and about once a year, we pop in to show you photos of the nabe. Since it’s been a while, here goes.

New York this summer has been a bit rainier than usual, and this past Tuesday was no exception. The air all day was low and thick, and right around 6pm, water finally broke in torrents from across the river. And then, 15 minutes later, the blues and yellows came out.Jun2015Sunset_7676Jun2015Sunset_7665Jun2015Sunset_7671Jun2015Sunset_7641Jun2015Sunset_7652It was nearly 9, but Walk jumped up the roof with his camera. So still. After about half and hour, I went downstairs to get the tripod and came up to a pink-filtered world.Jun2015Sunset_7691

Jun2015Sunset_7698 Jun2015Sunset_7716

Jun2015Sunset_7690So surprising, I think I gasped.Jun2015Sunset_7711

Jun2015Sunset_7721 Jun2015Sunset_7718

The park below us is nearly completed a renovation and the fresh turf has a mown grid—probably the only time you’ll ever see it before New York unleashes its feet!

Jun2015Sunset_7748 Jun2015Sunset_7739 Jun2015Sunset_7736

So many days (mainly headache days) I wish for the green and salt of Scotland again, but so many nights there is peace in New York. Lately, I’ve been thinking how wonderful we have it, and reminding myself of all the good. Our CSA bursting with spicy radishes and green garlic. Days in the park with friends. Time on the roof to read a new book. Post-dinner walks down the piers with the sun on the the Statue of Liberty. Evenings to sit on the couch and write as the world flows below. What a place, this New York. I never can make sense of you, you’re so big and so beautiful. Happy 4 years of living in the city to us!

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  1. Simply spectacular photos.

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