Awesomeness times three

Yesterday was such a good day. And as I lack for a common theme to the day, let me present three things that made me wildly happy, three instants of rockin'-awesome fun.

  1. The sun made a guest appearance.
    When I saw the morning sun, I bemoaned that it was grocery day (not photo time) to Walker. He, always the rational one, replied that it was, in fact, better to shop in sun than gloom. Touche.

The dreaded grocery trip was redeemed by Walk coming with me to carry the bags. So, we got our local eggs, and our local carrots. I kid you not, the sign in the green grocer advertised them as ‘dirty local carrots’. Okayyy, then. Yes, we will replace the clean ones in our basket with the almighty local ones.  Eat that, Tesco.

But then, the sun hid for most of the day. It rained that irritating diagonal drizzle, and we slumped behind our computers into the late afternoon.


Until all of the sudden, the sky was partly blue, and the sun was there in pomp and glory. I jumped up from my desk, told Walk that I’d be back in 15 minutes, and scrambled out our garden.


It was more than 15 minutes.

  1. Lightroom magic
    What, pray tell, was I, computer-despiser extraordinaire, doing on the computer all afternoon? Lightroom 3. Walker patiently helped me with some obvious features, and then I found YouTube tutorials, and ran various trials, and downloaded some presets (definitely didn’t even know what a preset was until this weekend) . . .voila! I decided that I like photos more natural, no over-saturated colors, and that effects are junior high most of the time. But sometimes, they are magic.
  1. Old school, baby
    I found the most adorable vintage labels today, and had them out in a fit of doodling. The precision of school supplies and cheery colour demanded a photo, so I took my position and requested the camera,

which may or may not have turned into rocking out to old school music. Way.


(disclaimer: The angle makes it look a lot more dangerous than it was.)


The picture came, eventually.


And I’ve realized that three is just not enough, because 4. I continued the homesteading trend by making chicken broth (sans recommended ‘cleaver’), and lentil soup and biscuits. The lentil soup featured cleaned dirty carrots and they were delish.

  1. I also got to talk to some of my favorite people in the world on Skype, even if it did hang me up about 4 times. Amazing girls growing up way over in Tennessee, you are close to my heart.

Tuesday calls.