No photos

We thought about the sun-soaked beach, and our one day with no responsibilities. Our cost-benefit analysis yielded this: let’s enjoy now. Let’s not try to use this moment, or miss our lives by capturing it. Let’s not take the camera. Sometimes Walk finds relief in not having the camera, and I find being out of the poetry mind-set relaxing. Not everything has to be used. Not everything needs to be saved, or remembered, or turned into a metaphor. We were happy there on the beach with just the scenery and each other; no frame, no hidden meaning. Everything was open and clear.

The clouds were typical St Andrews’, soft down with pink and golden highlights, and the water was at peace. We raced each other to crunch the fingernail shells, and talked. The air was bitingly cold, and we felt like we were braving something together. It seemed the way family should, a rest from duties and everything nagging and stressful in our lives.

We got to our warm flat and sat stunned, relieved from the burning ache of Scottish winds in our ears. I asked Walk why it had never been this cold before, and he reminded me we dated in April and May here. Right.

So here we are tonight, not at all wishing we had pictures to download. We have consumed two very salty fish and one very salty chips, have laughed, and so enjoyed the best company in the world. Yay for family!