Nooks and crannies

With a candle flickering in our window and hot mugs of cider in our hands, this weekend Walker and I watched the movie I crave every fall: You’ve Got Mail. All over again, I wanted to be Kathleen Kelly with her small shop in New York filled with books and roses and twinkle lights. I’ll take being Alie in her cute flat in Scotland filled with books and apples and candles.

Cold weather makes me long for something cozy, and we’re feelin’ the coziness here. I drank my second cup of tea yesterday; if the British had their way, I’d be on my twenty-second. There’s practically an edict in this country to drink tea every time you see someone.

As the winds and prevalent mists were less than pleasant, we spent the weekend inside. We emptied bottles of apple cider into a pan and swirled it warm with cinnamon sticks. Apple cider actually isn’t called ‘cider’ here, but we sleuthed our way through the grocery, and came out on the other side with some ‘English apple’ drink that tastes pressed and rich. Apple Cider Cravers Club, here we come!


It felt so good to belong together this weekend, to spend hours together with nowhere to go. I think this visalessness is teaching me how to be. How to do what is before me in the day and enjoy it for what it is without anticipating something better. Today is the best day ever.

Scotland always does this to me. It makes me think about my life today. My last bout here, I walked at least an hour a day. Here I go on my I-love-walking-so-much-more-than-driving kick: but, when you’re driving, you have to focus on the road. Walking: long exhale as you enjoy getting where you're going, not just arriving. Thank you, Scotland, for letting me enjoy nooks and crannies.


You see things like yellow flowers sticking out of hundred year old walls here. I swear a flower fairy must have pinned them in and still flutters around pushing them up, because I have no earthly idea how they are growing here.


I’ve noticed, in my blog dredging, that bloggers tend to play off their theme once a week or so. I by no means define myself as a blogger.  But, we do have a theme, so here are some instants, from today.

Right now, I’m making risotto. I have to keep checking it because it's thirsty as a camel! As the onions browned a bit ago, I knew the dreaded moment was coming when I’d have to open the wine. My courage up, I pulled a chair over to the counter and reached up to get it. All ready to dig in, I looked at the bottle only to discover I could just twist the cap off. No cork! Yes, today I’ve realized that I do not need to be fearful of all wine bottles and their finicky corks. Go me.

Instant numero dos: Today I sat by the sea. I know, dramatic music, please. Sea-sitting was one of my small pleasures last year, and it did not disappoint today. I had some books, and sat on a bench near our flat overlooking West Sands. The beach appeared so short, when in fact, it’s over a mile long. The waves came so quickly, as always, ribbons curling into each other. And I could smell the salt air so distinctly from above. Here's to looking down on a place I usually see eye-to-eye: enchanting.


And, lastly, Walker is teaching me photography. So I padded around our flat last night with his 50mm, being enchanted by nooks ‘round about here.