Mission Yummo

It was a great weekend. What a great weekend. How awesome was this weekend?! This weekend was so good. So we've been saying lots. It really was.

Some weekends are quiet dinner-and-a-movie deals, and some are spent traveling. Others fill up with cleaning and groceries and where-did-the-weekend-go's. This weekend was full of one amazing thing: friends.

Just as the pumpkin party was ending, our friends were flying in from Ireland. The same friends who hosted the Bible study where we met and whose open house made St Andrews feel like home two years ago. M & R, we've missed you. St Andrews felt like its good old self with you in town. (We were too busy catching up to take photos).

Now insert a huge slash in your mind, because we've moved to the second theme of this post: mission yummo. I’ve made it to my food-post day with only a hint at pumpkin foods so far (go me!), so if you’re disinclined to all things culinary, feel free to hit the ole ‘x’ right now. But, honestly, how can you be apathetic about food? Just sayin.

  1. When the dog bites, when the bee stings, and when the food flops . . . Tuesday, Walker got me an apple press, so I set off to make applesauce. With sour cooking apples. Nuh-uh. Bad idea. It was not good. Not good at all, my friends.

2 and 3. But everything else worked out just dandy, starting with my favorite lentil soup (no photo because it looks nast-o). Walk requested minestrone, inspired by the cartonned soup of his bachelor days. Top secret soup tip: throw in parmesan rinds. It will take your soup to a whole 'nother level.


Whorls and arches and loops and bifurcations: red onions remind me of fingerprints.

  1. You've surely bought a church cookbook in your time, oozing with crock pot specialties and cream-of-chicken-soup delicacies. My favorite feature is how wives submit recipes as their husband's favorite something. Mr. John's Favorite Tacos. Steve's Favorite Casserole. Joe's Chili Concoction. In honor of such illustrious and unique naming, we've deemed these Walker's Favorite Fajita Bowls.

There were the usual batches of granola and oatcakes and such, too, but I ramble. This is all just ordinary life happening. Speaking of, it's Raisin Weekend, a St Andrews tradition which entails costumes, massive quantities of shaving foam, and lots of craziness. I can't remember where raisins come in, but wikipedia can probably remind you. And, I can't believe it, but two years ago, I was a Rubix Cube, which became a Rubix Cube covered with foam.

Raisin 2

The errands are yelling at me to stop living in the weekend, and get a move on this week. So let me say one last time, it really was a great, great weekend.