Tweed greed

Tartans and tweed, scents of orange blossoms and patterned tights: the world is full of delight. It has positively been burrowing up between the pages of catalogs as I sneak around piecing together my Christmas list.

Problem: I start to image my life with all this stuff. In my dreams, I'm tall enough for European leather boots, and actually fit the gorgeous tweed coats that are not made in my size, or at a reasonable price. Dear me. I am far too attached to this world once again. Christmastime and the greed bug.

Solution: Thanksgiving! The best of holidays, is nearly here. Loving nice things isn’t bad; beauty is meant to relished. But thinking my life would be happier with pretty stuff is bad. I love beautiful clothes, but I do not need new ones. I love blogging, but mine does not have to be award-winning. I love words, but I do not possess them. I love people, but I do not own them. Thankful, Alie, thankful.

Everyday I am deeply thankful for my husband, freedom from self, the ability to truly love, castles and mossy walls, deep laughter. My life is rich. Today I want to give thanks, again, for smaller things, for instants of my day.

My new wellies
. I wanted green, but my size (that would be kids) was back-ordered through May 2011. So I’m digging the blue, and excited about beach walks and snow. Because, you better believe it: I’m prepared.


Mint nail polish (I can't decide if it makes me look like an Easter candy or an indie artist) and my Tervis tumbler, one of my favorite gifts of 2009.


Yellow covers a whole hotel near our flat; how funky!


Sunbeams. However brief-lived, they urge me to get out and breath cold air to appreciate their warmth all the more.


Snail mail. Yes, we're just this classy: our mail is hand-delivered. That red contraption is our version of a mail truck. One of the two letters I got today had snowy glitter in the envelope. What pure delight.


The North Sea and its dwellers. Oh, the rugged glory.


Unphotographed, thyroid happiness. For the first time in over three years, I get out of bed not feeling drained.

It's Thanksgiving Eve, and the kitchen has been full thanks to Epicurious's Thanksgiving Guide. We're in about 4th gear on the preparation front, which means watching demo videos on how to demolish a turkey and baking sweet potato rolls. Favorite holiday, we can't wait!


So here I write, once again thankful for instants of life that have been given to me, undeserved. What else could I ever want? I have everything I need, and so much more.