Audience participation, please.

With schemes to snaz up this lil blog, I spent last night trying to coax my old posts into straight-lined categories. Ain’t workin’, baby. All my posts preferred to mingle together around the campfires of “I love this man” and “I love this about my town”. And it made me wonder why I’m trying to make my blog something else, something practical or researched, when it seems to be about one thing: instants of life where we are. I have no printable recipes, no spiffy logo, no button, and certainly no cosmetic pointers. I tell myself visaless-housewife-in-Scotland is niche enough . . . .

At one point I thought of organizing posts based on rooms (the library for writing, the kitchen for food, the living room for family and home). But, the whole fragmented blog based on personal interests seems a bit overdone, especially since all woman bloggers have the same interests: photography, food, and decor. Snore. (Usually.)


In all this frustration that my blog isn't with-it---BLING!---I remember the three cardinal rules of writing: audience, audience, audience. Many blogs I’ve read say something like this is just a place for me, which makes me wonder 1. why they post it on the internet and 2. why they have a comments form. No, let’s be honest: blogs are for people to read. Other people. And, so dear audience, this post is about you. I want to know what you want to read about. Best haggis in town? Fashion trends in the 'Drews? Musings on oatmeal? Do shoot me a post or email to let me know what your favorite posts are, what you want to read more about, anything specific or generic you've always wondered about Scotland or poetry . . . I will promptly do obeisance in thanks, and give you credit if the post/category materializes.


Today, you'll note nothing new about the blog (other than the cool border on the photos). No new categories or side columns. It’s staying clean and simple for now. That is, until . . . see those three little words right there? Click 'em. Pretty, pretty, please?