He is here.

Today we celebrate the most delightful slice of our lives, a quarter year of being together. Today it also seems everything I type is in monotone, and not two words are jiving even though this is a post in the excitement echelons of the first snow of the year. I promise if you persist, you’ll find something fun.


So back to (insert an organ fermata) marriage. One of my friends asked me lately how married life was. This idea of putting an adjective before life intrigues me, because I’m pretty sure no one ever asked me how single life was. But I’ll stop getting esoteric, because I’m confusing myself. What I mean to say is that life is beautiful, as always, and being married is the greatest gift on top of that.

And the poet in me insists I follow-up my abstractions with an image. When we were dating, I’d have dreams of reaching for him. Now, I reach, and he is there. Every morning, the first thing I do is reach. And he is there. This whole married life thing boils down to that: he is here. We are together.

3 months ago, the togetherness started, and look what happened to come in perfect timing: our wedding photo preview is up! Andrew Vick and his amazing wife Janelle flew in from Minnesota to be with us on our wedding day; they’re total rock-stars, and added so much spice to our day. Check out the preview here, but make sure to check out the slide show, too. Kudos and thanks to the ever-talented and fabulous Vick Photography.

If I am thankful for one thing in the past 3 months, it’s peace. Peace in knowing he is always here. The peace that that no matter what happens, He is with us. He is here. That’s what this time is all about: God reaching for us, always wanting us, making Himself like us so that we understand that he wants us. This is what Christmas is all about. This is what being married is all about. He is here.


Yes, Walker got wellies, and is smitten. He's so eager for puddles, I have to remind him not to splash his wife.