The secret

Can you be allergic to Christmas trees? Because between a migraine and sinus pressure, this past week hasn’t been fun on the feeling-great front. And then, I’ve burned a pan black with apple cider, cooked olive oil onto the stove, and gotten a pot stuck in the dishwasher.


Over and over, I’ve wondered what the future holds, wondered why what I like to do is neither profitable nor prestigious. I’ve grumbled about itty things: having to clean up the dishes, vacuum the pine needles, and carry heavy groceries. The 6 hours of sunlight we get per day have often been blocked by all-consuming clouds. Enter malaise.


Enter choosing the wrong attitude. Weeks like these (and really, most days) I think of my roommate last year, who reminded the girls that sometimes parts of life aren't happy. Sometimes life isn’t fun. Sometimes we have to do things we'll never feel like doing. Right now is when we need to remember that we're the keeper of a secret. The secret of contentment.


Life goes like this---our ideals are unmatched (except my husband-ideal, which is way exceeded). But awesome truth---joy still abounds.


My happiness doesn't have to be stuck into to how I feel, how I look, how stupendously I can keep it all together. Exhale.

So today in true things-going-slightly-off, my photos flopped a bit. I brought the wrong lens for the beach. But, I'm happy, because the beach light was lovely, and all was not lost. Plus, I saw this amazing chair. It reminds me of Ralph Lauren, and---bonus---has layers of fence and sea in the background. Come on. Classic.


Oh, Britain, you are too classy for words.


Somehow I've gotten from grumpiness to Ralph Lauren and am baffled at how to cinch this all together. The best way seems with complete gratefulness for relief, for joy in pain, for classic style,


and a completely wonderful life, every single day. Cheerio!