London calling

Here we are in lovely London,


and our days go something like this: stroll in the park, scone at a cafe, back to the park.


Walk through Leichester Square, window shop in Covent Garden, and walk past and then simultaneously backtrack and look into bookshelf-walled libraries. It's a fantastic place.

London is classy; you practically have to dress up to take the Underground, in which you are greeted by civility and decorum by the trademark "Please mind the gap between the train and the platform". Walker and I have a soft spot for this city, as Walker lived here a year and a half ago. And so, we've deemed this a nostalgia trip and have taken it upon ourselves to visit our favorite restaurants for Belgian waffles and bowls of pasta and organic frozen yogurt, to sit for way too long in my favorite cafe with piles of cream and jam. Lovely.

Most of all, to walk in the parks. We've been through Kensington Gardens and Hype Park, Green Park and St James' Park. Even in January, there are abundant amounts of birds and friendly squirrels. Really friendly squirrels.


and the most ancient and stately trees.

The parks feel like you're in a prairie sometimes, an avenue others, the countryside still others. Lovely, lovely.


I wish I could show you the rows of stately buildings, gleaming white, the windows full of fresh pastries and stunning shoes and tweed coats, the women in runway outfits on the sidewalks, and the politeness with which you are always greeted.

Sadly, there's not much time to share much more than photos and impressionist statements as we leave on the train for Heathrow shortly. So I bid you cheers (pronounced 'chaz'), and as delightful and relaxed a day as any would be in London.