Did I really just say It’s getting too hot in here?! Dude. I have never been so pleased at the background clank of our heater. But, this post isn’t a celebration of that, so let’s move on.

It’s a celebration of the poetic act of looking. One of the poems I hold responsible for hooking me on poetry is Elizabeth Bishop’s ‘The Fish’ in which the poet looks intently, and her noticing creates sympathy. ‘I stared and stared/ and victory filled up/ the little rented boat . . .’ Hold that thought.

My friend, Gia, an awesome photographer and old chum from college, challenged me to some photo hunts. We’ve started with ‘a surreptitious shot of a stranger’. I missed the deadline, having only taken several mediocre photos, partially due to the holidays, and partially because I was scared if I got too into the strangers’ faces, they might be offended. So, I’ve taken the least confrontational stance I can, as you can see.


Still, looking around for people to capture in the lens was invigorating. I found that I needed to look so intently to find subjects for this post. And so, these may not be the most breath-catching photos I post, but I hope they inspire you to notice beauty not only in the natural world, but in the characters who reflect even more beauty, who emotions are so truthful, so good.


I couldn't resist. They are strangers, right?


Strangers, I hope you're having a very lovely day.