Wedding Remix

A little more than four months ago was the fastest day of my life with more instants piled up than I could ever sort through in my mind. Happily we’ve recently received our wedding photos from the incredibly talented, ridiculously fun, and positively awesome Vick Photography. It’s taken me weeks to pluck out my favorites from the over 1000, but here they are, shining like the marbles that make it to the surface of a bowl. They gleam better than my words, and I hope they catch in your eye, and remind you of the gift we’ve all been given, of real love.

The main thing I remember clearly from the rehearsal is seeing Walker walking across the street toward the church, dashing in his suit.

rehearsal walkand alie
walk rehearsal

Walk and I love this.

walker speech wedding
wedding rehearsal toast sr

My little sisters, three musketeers, best friends: I love you, Em.

wedding em, dannie, me

And everything the next day, our wedding day, melds into my veil blowing directionless, holding onto Walker with shaky legs, and being so completely filled with joy that all I saw was his face, the whole day. This is only a palmful of the photos, but I'll let them gleam away.

wedding 2

I walked into the church to the handsomest man in the world,

wedding walk alone

and walking toward him was the best moment of my life (apologies if you're tired of this from the last post.)

wedding 3 aisle
wedding 4 walk cry
wedding ceremony
prayer wedding

And just like that, I had a new family, a new name,

wedding kiss pew

and we were married. Mr. and Mrs.

wedding after

For the rest of life, home is between these hands.

wedding kiss garden
wedding walker kissing garden

After a lot of hassle, my dress somehow didn't seem so important that day.

wedding backs
wedding pick up
wedding party whole church out
wedding neck kiss
wedding black and white garden
wedding alie solo

Apparently we're known for our faces. Embarrassing.

wedding goofy

What can I say, we're meant for each other.

wedding goofy 2
wedding kiss up

A wedding's joy flows so much from the path to get there, and the joy of those who have shared it. We are so, so blessed in our families.

wedding lee parents pose
wedding LEE JRS
wedding mom lee
wedding walk and mom
wedding dads
wedding jan and walker
wedding hand hold

Introducing Walker's dudes (from left: my brother, his dad, his best friend, and two St Andrews' friends),

wedding groomsmen

and my dudettes (from left: my sister-in-law, sister, and friend Kelly---whose laugh, by the way, is gold).

wedding silly girls
wedding bridesmads back
wedding bridesmaids
wedding me and kelly
wedding dannie and i

Here we are, the whole shah-bang; they were crazy fun and crazy good at helping us.

bridal party weddintg quirky
wedding whole party
wedding serious
wedding tree

The weather was clean, crisp fall air with rivers of sun billowing over it. It stayed that way the whole day. We drove through it to the reception to be surrounded by love.

wedding reception
wedding garden

Ach, my charming man.

wedding walker speech

My dad wrote me a poem

wedding dad speech

which made me cry.

wedding dad speech effects
wedding dad and i

And my sister made a speech,

wedding dannie speech

and we laughed

wedding reception laugh

and were silly.

wedding reception silly face

Emily Post would be pleased we used forks instead of shoving cake at each other.

wedding cake

The room was full of those we love and are loved by. Most of these girls and I have been together since we were born.

wedding tcs girls

Our mutual friends came from Northern Ireland. Everyone that met them agreed: they're awesome.

wdding rach hug

We both come from large families. All of my mom's 9 siblings were there,

wedding barker siblings

and loads of my cousins, including my cousin Andrew who made quite the trek between his military duties.

wedding barker cousins

All 5 of Walker's mom's siblings came (somehow I didn't copy that photo, though. Bummer.). Here is Walker's dad's family from Alabama.

wedding angell fam

Our wedding must have won an award for farthest distances traveled to a wedding, because friends came from Arizona and Pittsburgh, Vietnam(!), Georgia, Ohio, North Carolina, Maine, New Hampshire, Florida, Texas, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, Connecticut, Michigan, Mississippi, and the United Kingdom. Here are some of the college girls. I miss you all!

wedding GCC girls

My sister, maid-of-honour extraordinaire, made all the ribbon wands for our exit.

wedding exit

We hopped in a limo and headed for the city.

wedding in car
wedding hotel hair

Yes, all of the following photos are real; there was no fake city or taxi inserted behind us. We wandered the city with our photographer who chased taxis and climbed light-posts to get these. Wicked fun.

wedding nyc black and white
wedding time
wedding taxi my fave

If you want to feel like a celebrity, walk through Times Square on Saturday night (rather, wade through the mobs) in wedding attire. We're talking hundreds of point-and-shoots pointed and shooting. One guy even begged us to kiss for him.

wedding times 2
wedding times
wedding taxi

Thank goodness we had the peaceful hour in the Park

wedding lake

and its outskirts.

weddin nyc bench

I realize now I have no photos here of our fabulous musicians (cello trio came from Pittsburgh, bagpiper friend, fiddler), or of the table decor. And although our cake was supposed to have a striped grosgrain ribbon, and not everyone we wanted to could make it, the day was perfect. It was perfect, because of what He had done for us.

wedding nyc far awawy

We love being in love. We love being married.

wedding central park

The past four months have been the best.