An isle. A castle. A winner!

We'd arrived after journey by taxi, train, and car the day before, and I woke up and snuck over to the curtains. I peaked out at this.


The sight from our bed and breakfast room in Oban, a port town on the West coast of Scotland, was a hint of what was to come in a weekend of saying ‘spectacular’ and ‘gorgeous’ incessantly.


Walker’s (awesome) parents are in town, and arranged for a short weekend trip across our beloved island, which brought many firsts for me. It was my first time bringing a car onto the ferry, which was almost like a floating strip-mall with its arcade, coffee shop, and sports television.

The 45 minute ferry from our port town brought us to the island of Mull, the second largest of Scotland’s islands, which is about 350 square miles, and consequently, full of photo moments.


Our first sight on the island was this.


And that started the stops for things we couldn’t pass up. We took 1177 photos, and right now is a bit too busy to process all of those so quickly, so I'll share just a couple. And know that there are a load more coming your way soon, so come back! Because, we happened upon a load of castles,


soaked in fresh, fresh mountain and sea air,


and shopped in the darlingest town you ever did see.


There were craggy mountains and snowy ski towns, lodges with deer heads and stags with racks. Coming.

One more quick thing: WE HAVE A WINNER of the giveaway at last! Thank you so much for all the comments which certainly filled me with cheer! Chosen with a random number generator (drumroll) SARAH S, you'll be getting something itty from Scotland soon! (Can I just say--you have a knack?).

So long for now, with memories of a glorious place.

Ach, we love this country.