Happy day, it's the 100th time I've clicked publish and sent a letter out to you. Thank you for your encouragements, for letting my thoughts and photos fill a corner of your day; blogging has been a bucketful of delight.

The weather is lemon-drops and lollipops delectable outside, and I've been gallivanting about in various sweaters and boots in so much sun it's almost overwhelming! This post isn't organized around anything except those little treks, specks of lovely weather and life lately.

Happy (yester)day, I visited a local farm and its shop and cafe, and wrote about it on the Visit St Andrews blog. Click here for a brisk walkabout the farm with me. I was over the moon giddy with the traditional wooden farm tables, the lemon and honey tea, the sun streaming over happy cows and their happy fields to my table.


What is there to do when you find a somethin' new? I pulled my sweet husband over there again today for some puffy scones with clotted cream. Sold.


Happy days, and happy tummies, here's what we've been downing lately. Breakfasts have been the usual porridges and yogurts, fresh eggs with island cheddar (cocktail trivia: eggs are not refrigerated in this country. As a friend pointed out, 'that's what the shell is for'.)


Thanks to the local root veggies we've been delivered, I made some gluten free roasted carrot and parsnip gnocchi, with a dollop of lemon soft cheese


and my kind husband ate seconds. Next time, I'm holding the citrus for dessert.


And as for that citrus dessert, thanks to my husband's adoration of this genre, I made lemon panna cotta with mascarpone and maple syrup.


Our days are full of emails and appointments, classes and cleaning, so we actually do more than walk and eat. But those refresh me, so those show up here more than the scrub-a-dubbing and note-taking.

Deeper than that, we have promises. My peace I give you. The sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. Open wide your mouth, and I will fill it. They are always there, and yet I forget, I forget.

With honey from the rock, I will satisfy you. These mossy little worlds popping out of stone walls everywhere are my fave; perhaps there's a kids' book hiding somewhere here,


something about life growing out of rocks.