A dozen spring thingamajigs

There is no way to sink in such a buoyantly beautiful day. It’s been sunny, at long last, for parts of the last four days, and nothing will repress my spirits. This past weekend was like bucket of goodness in so many ways. Here are some springy things that have happening (it's March, so why not celebrate the demise of winter)

  1. Our garden has sprouts (love that word)!
  1. The Old Course is starting to smell like delicate mown grass. The smoothness of that grass still amazes me.
  1. The love of my life and I walked to the end of West Sands for the first time this year, and just talking for several hours, and arriving at what I affectionately call world's end filled my cup straight up with cool refreshment. I cannot adequately describe the complete silence and the deserts of sand with barely-lapping water at the end of miles of turbulent sea-coast. Pure. And, in true fashion, no camera clicking to mar the moment.

  2. The dinner club reunited (yes sir!), and we had some spring maple syrup and yogurt panna cotta with poached pears. It's easier than cookies, no joke, and Walk likes it better, so winner there!

  1. And, thanks to our local farm, on hand were ingredients for some leek, potato, and pumpkin soup to tide the winter into spring (with some rosemary-parmesan biscotti). All my pumpkin-hacking has been justified.
  1. Walker and I have been tending toward light breakfasts these days, with yogurt and fruit. My friend Gia and I challenged each other to shoot our breakfasts (check out her lovely photos of granola and oranges), so Gia (at long last!), I present a very British breakfast item.

  1. There may be layers of dead leaves still, but there are also worlds enchanted with moss

and I sometimes think I'll glimpse a hobbit behind one of these trees.

  1. In the Couture Animalia, the fashion of feather and fur coats continues into a warmer month.
  1. A great part of spring a year ago was watching the tiny lambs scampering about the Ranch (thanks, Hannah!). I haven't seen any newborns here yet, but I have seen hill upon hill

decorated with puffs of cream wool,


and these animals may not be bright, but they follow a slowing down principle that I often find calming.

  1. In addition to epically long beach-walks, there have been quick, daily ones as well. I love the patterns in the sand, and wish I could take photos of all the things I see written in the sand. I saw the word 'stripey' today.
  1. Speaking of stripes, these shadows mean there must be sun!
  1. Lastly, there is a local aquarium about 200 yards from my house, and I visited it for the first time ever yesterday (you know, fresh activity in honor of spring). I may have been the only visitor in the entire place, which may have made me tentative to enter steamy rooms with gigantic fish, but the experience was detail-rich. I’ve guest blogged about it on the Visit St Andrews blog, so do click here for my look at the vibrant fish, the seal, and my favorite sea animal, the endearing seahorse.

'Round these parts we're both busy with everyday things, but it's nice to love each ordinary thing in the day, from scrubbing carrots to creating websites, from blogging about town to analyzing the smell of the sand. Life is lovely these warming days!