the wedding and the windows

As promised, I'm handing you shorter posts from here on out. Life is full. Everyday, I wake up and scoot over to Walker's side of the bed and make sure he's still real. I listen to the gossip girl gulls outside, I look to see if there are sun patterns on the stone wall, and if there are, I wake up an ounce faster. I go through my days gathering instants in a big wicker basket to share with you as we pass on the street. Here's what I'm handing out today, little instants I've loved.

Blueberry Rhubarb Pistachio Crisp.
Yes, I'm still trying to use up that rhubarb. Good news: this won the Walk-dawg's approval. The basic recipe is here, although I substituted in and out. Also, I'm definitely addicted to pistachios these days.


Sun-struck moments.
This finger of light reaching out for pieces of town---this is not normal, but we've gotten it three days in a row.


I love meandering through this alley of falling pink-white. And these buds.


I walk by this gate every day, yet never noticed the Scottish flag pattern until I saw this shadow today. Walker and I love to sit out in this square by John Knox's Cathedral and eat pizza on lazy afternoons, listening to bells mark the hours.


University done for the hub (except exams)


Royal wedding window contest.
This town is decked. out. yo. (you know the deal, that they met here.) Truth be told, I'm loving the hype, and the ceremony was duly spectacular.


FoxNews just reported this: If you think you went to school in the quintessential college town, you have not seen St. Andrews, with students riding bikes and stopping for coffee and greeting each other. You can read my article about the town's window displays at Visit St Andrews. I love how excited this town's been.


And so, in a blender of apartment searching, job hunting, and finishing up papers, there are also the instants that flood us with good. When so often my mind pulls me ahead, we will keep on being here.

p.s. Wasn't Kate's dress was absolutely stunning? I think so, too.