and the train keeps a-rollin'

I'm not going to pretend I didn't get antsy on the train yesterday, my legs yelling at me to stretch them out, and my belly wishing for some real sustenance.


But, Walker and I have solidly concluded: trains are the best form of transportation known to man. You step on and step off feeling human. More than likely, you'll get gorgeous sunsets, the light illuminating both the green of the fields and the streaks of the sky. We rolled through neon yellow fields, along the rocky cliffs of northern England yesterday. We passed massive hay-bales and stone dwellings cornered in craggy cliffs.


And we ended up here, in a place both nostalgic and exciting for us. Every trip reminds me of two summers ago, when I took the train every other weekend to see my boyfriend who was working here. We started telling our friends all our favorite haunts yesterday and just smiled, remembering those days.

We're in London, and off to find some massive churches and clotted cream. Cheery Thursday to you!