Guess where we're going today-o!

Booyah. Walker is done with exams, done with university! Congratulations, darling!!


Life is coming at us so fast, there is not enough time for many words or photos.

We took our last Sunday afternoon beach walk yesterday, and the winds were so strong that Walker had to grasp my hand and hold me from blowing away as we walked across the Old Course. We stood on the empty beach with its streams of sand rushing into the waves, and leaned into the wind. I wrote the I loved Walker on the sand with the tip of the umbrella. Today, it is raining, but I don't even mind. It feels Scottish, and I love it for that.


And (yayo!), with a tweed carry-on bag we're off on a rather last-minute trip today! Can you guess where? Ireland! We'll be spending time with some of our best friends who we've missed this year. Two year ago, I hopped over the Irish Sea many times, so it almost feels like going home. I can't wait for soda bread and overflowing laughter.

And we're off through the rain on the train, then a plane to the end 'o the rainbow!