Our car-bus-bus-plane-plane-bus-train-taxi ride

Each flight, I wish upon the stars I'm closer to hope that I'll be able to sleep, but I've never managed more than a couple hours on a red-eye. Two nights ago was a record-breaking 4 hours thanks to a few weeks of perpetual motion.

The past two weeks have been hectic: running out the door, sweating in traffic, speed-walking through furniture stores, going through our 45 page lease too many times. Our car-bus-bus-plane-plane-bus-train-taxi ride yesterday, followed promptly by waking up at 5.45am today to catch yet another car-train-bus-(WE ARE HERE)-plane-bus-train-bus has left us completely ready for what is to come. Vacation in one of my life-goal locations. Let's just say we have the cameras, and scenes from the Sound of Music are floating onto the horizon.

Until then, we have a plane to catch! (and I know it's June . . . excuse my backward blog!)