We are leaving

Life has been crammed with delights, and with goodbyes, of late. There's been no time to write about them. I don't even have time for a summary of Switzerland, Paris, graduation, and our last days in Scotland, let alone a proper post. And here we are today, our last day in St Andrews. We will take one last walk on the beach, and we will notice everything like it was new. In the past couple days, we have eaten sticky toffee pudding and fish 'n chips from the best spots. We have walked to the post, and we have piled farmhouse scones with fresh clotted cream. We have said goodbyes to friends, and said that they weren't really goodbyes. We have cleaned out the fridge and packed, repacked, weighed suitcases, and tried to figure out how to fit everything into 7 suitcases. We have admired the yellow roses blossoming in the garden, and I have worried far too much.

I couldn't sleep last night, and this morning, I am in a bit of a daze. We have come so far in the past month.

We have gone through the Alps


to the ornate gardens of Paris.

He was hooded for his M.A., and the ceremony was duly latinate and ceremonious for a 600 year old university. (I am so, so proud!)


And we all went out to the beach late, late at night to set some lights free over the sea in celebration.


It has been quite the time here, St Andrews. We changed here.


And we will miss you so, so much.