the post about the bathroom

I'm jumping to start a little home tour with you today, so let's go! The only room that's even near completion is the bathroom. It was about as hard as putting the towels and toilet paper out to decorate, but I don't let that squash my excitement. Our bathroom is s-weet.

When Walker's mom put up the shower curtain, and our plush, white rug was down, I walked around the house saying, Walk, look! Our bathroom looks like a spa! I want to hug it. The rest of the rooms in the house have already met their fate as inferior because the bathroom claimed the green. I have a thing for towels, and green. When I was a wee lass, I'd walk through towel stores feeling all the towel textures. True story.

Enough ado. Here's what you'd see if you stepped right in.


How bright is that white?! If my nostalgia for Scotland is going to slink away, it's right here in the ittiest room of them all. Let's all say it together: no mold!

And we have features like the Cheesecake Factory has menu pages. Grohe faucets. No mold. Slate floors. Toto toilet. Dual-sided medicine cabinet lined with mirror. New towels. New towels with baby alligators. I almost want to bring my computer into the bathroom to type this post, because it's warm and clean and smells like Mrs. Meyer's Apple Soap.


Other sleek features include our Container Store divided hamper, which gets my laundry motivation suds flowing as the dirty clothes are only half as deep. The sea-glass colored shower shelf, another flashy feature, is sporting our Aveda (heart) shampoo. Hiding behind the laundry get-up is Walker's excellent taste in action: a Brabantia garbage can.


And may I have silence for the bathmat to chomp all others?


Our green towels are so dear to my heart.

One more thing I love? Shadows. I've missed the stone-wall shadows, but lookie here---we have pane shadows on our blinds! (and the coolest of cool old beams. But more on that another day.)


The next post is a toss-up between kitchen and closets, the only other furnished spaces. For now, I should get to work so I can clear some space for these bad boys before our neighbors think we're indie musicians.