Food? I'm home.

I have a jam of posts that I wrote a while ago and never finessed enough to post, so yet again, this is oldie goldie.

It was a big step, but I just deleted the post I started weeks ago called "100 Things We'll Miss". It included the excuse to wear wellies to fancy restaurants. I'm finding change of every type happen around me, and slowly, I come along.

Today, I'm finding things in New York to love each day. I wait 3 hours in the DMV, and a woman randomly offers to loan me some cash because she overhears me (I thought they weren't going to accept my debit, and it was too late to exit and find an atm, but they accepted my card afterall.). A girl reads to her grandmother on the subway. The Container Store lets me return the drawer that was too long. A store like the Container Store exists. People everywhere smile. And that girl carrying two gigantic shoe racks on the 5 train? Weirdo. Me. There are new cobblestones being laid outside my window, and enough local food to swell my heart the size of a borough. I've been captivated by the local food scene here in Brooklyn since before we moved, and who'd have thunk around the block would be a grocery which stocks lettuce from their own farm outside the city (as well as Kerrygold butter, if any of the Irish contingent is reading!). I make up songs to psyche me up for the reasonable, but higher, prices. Go green, go green, gogreengogreen, go local!

Anyway. My new kitchen is a yacht compared to the canoe that was my (wonderful!) Scottish kitchen, and I've decided it's time to start making messes. With my constant cheese splurges and today, my blue Le Creuset monster of a dutch oven and a no-knead bread (say that 5 times fast) recipe, my European cravings have been lulled quiet.


I probably cut it too soon, but that nice thick crust was irresistible.


Dinner's components tonight came straight from the farm (grocery), a salad of Mixed leaves with Maine farmhouse Feta, local egg and sweet potato.


To finish, I set some Lime and Lemon Possets, and they were so good on the 'buds, these ramekins full of citrusy, cool cream.


Holding my same spoons and spatulas again feels so deeply familiar, it feels like home.

And home? Here's our street.


Soon to be much quieter and sophisticated when/if the construction ends!