the carousel and the pie

We walked into the clearest, bluest sky this weekend. I wore my scarf and my boots and practically danced through a delightful early birthday present---cool wind. It felt like fall, and somehow having that door of humidity creak open onto a perfect fall day was like flying. This weekend was delicious as a crisp and sweet Macintosh apple, and we completely enjoyed every slice.


Everyone has been asking what I did on my birthday (other than frown at the widening numbers), and I only mention it was my birthday because it was a day of feeling the cool air in our lungs that matched the anticipation.


I stood in squelching subway crowds and felt my eyes dry in front of a laptop in the past week, and knowing my birthday was ahead was like holding a small gift that I could open my palm and marvel at in the midst of the crammed, hot, smelly . . . anyway. There is no anticipation like birthday anticipation. Sweet, tingly anticipation.

As every email asked, yes, Walker spoiled me. This weekend was our best yet in New York---we were together, outside. Saturday morning, we were giddy enough in the cooler climes, but even more amazingly, we walked down the road to discover a whole new section of our park had opened, and it was grand. Our local developer and his wife, responsible for the preservation and character of our place and our whole neighborhood, donated the most lovingly restored carousel. (I love the two little girls dancing in the far right. See them?)


We rode it, because how could we not? And how could I love anyone more than the man who came along to hold my hand, because I wanted to ride the carousel? I couldn't.


We burrowed into our beloved Brooklyn even more completely with the coolest event on Saturday called Brooklyn Local. Nearly every food specialty shop and vendor in Brooklyn came together to support NYC's food bank charity. We moseyed into the old Tobacco Warehouse on the water, and started by walking past the over 100 vendors for me to scope out my options, and then gobbling tacos and salted caramel apple pie, local cheese and pulled pork on brioche. Piles of bright, frosted cookies beckoned and hamburger char floated through the dry, September air, and kids put their elbows up on tables as close as they could to the smells.


I was having so much fun, I actually smiled for a photo with food in my mouth. I like food.


In typical Alie style, we celebrated my birthday with even more food than that. We ate pancakes and poached eggs in abundance this weekend. We ate brunch at our favorite place, and sat there reveling in our friendly place in this crazy city. As I was craving apple cider donuts, Walker took me to the place reputed to have the best ones in the city. It was a lovely evening (but shh, the donuts were glazed.) That’s what we get for jumping the gun on fall. I’m insisting on saving You’ve Got Mail until September 23rd, too.

This weekend brought a mailbox and facebook message box and email account full of birthday love. Thank you. It brought time with a college friend I haven't seen in 4 years. Yet another dinner at our favorite place. Time to sit by the rocks in the sun and talk. For instant upon instant of refreshing air and delectable bites, I am so grateful---and even more, for time not to plan and just walk.


And somehow I have managed to get through another week without posting this. It is now autumn, and mounds of apples decorate our table. I keep determining to write more regularly. In time.

For now, Happy Fall!