Month: October 2011


A barrel of Instants

These days, I half-dream of it right before I fall asleep. Air. Fresh, windy, open. I have spurts during the week when my lungs pine for oxygen. I dream of opening the door into the green air, and sitting on the porch of my parents’ house. But, then, a day later, I walk outside and breeze is there. Yesterday was one of those "don't you just love living in New York?" days. It made me want to run errands and buy pumpkins, so I did. More in a sec. Today I’m back to the good old days of instants of …


Why writing has been hard

Since I used to write more regularly, life has felt like a big wave (dramatic metaphor alert?). Everything we knew in Scotland has been pulled back to sea in a suctioned rush, and feeling the new water push to fill its place is still overwhelming. I miss opening the door to gull drifts on sea air. I miss coming in for warmth instead of for cool. Even though New York is exciting and there are new things to love here, for far too long, I have thought about how things would be if we were still in S…


the weather in Brooklyn

So, there was a blog landmark I monumentously missed on September 27th. Happy 1st birthday, my little writing house! And thank you, lovely readers, for stopping by for a read every so often! The past few weeks have been windy---pleasant breezes of family in town, apples delivered from Maine, Mary Poppins on Broadway and delicious restaurants in excess. But there have also gusted colder breezes---doctor’s visits, job uncertainties. And so the blog has been blown with the first fallen leaves into …