Been meaning to tell you

a lot of things. I'm a skimmer, so I'll categorize to help you breeze!

  1. Most dramatic life change. I got a new job, and I'd have never thought. It's at a children's publishing company, and I'm basically a professional brainstormer and proposal-writer (although my title is much more boring). So far, I like.

2. Most innovative. Coconut flour works in pannekoeken, too!

  1. Most Unusual. We had dinner out together after work yesterday. This has never happened. There is nothing I love more than leaning over a small table lit by candle listening to my husband talk.

  2. Weirdest sightings. On my way to meet Walk for dinner Friday night, I looked up in the subway to see the balloon-man! He somehow squished a massive bag of balloons (at least ten times his size) into the subway car around 8 on a Friday, completely blocking half the train car from view. Another strange subway sighting later this weekend was a man whose dreds almost touched the floor. When he walked through the car, they swayed and wrapped around people's legs. More regular occurences include people pontificating to themselves, or people playing the trumpet/accordion/hitting-their-legs-as-music in the train. My personal favorite is the guy who hits paint buckets with drumsticks. Ouch-o. These are the things that make people shake their heads and say "only in New York" as if the bizarre were endearing.

  3. Top 10. If you've read this long, or even if you're read just this post, you know we're food fans. Our fave dates are nearly always to dinner or brunch, and we're slowly building a list of our favorite restaurants in our new city and I thought I'd share in case you're ever around. Our top five dinner spots are Blue Hill, Applewood, Franny's, Le Bonne Soupe, and AlMar. For brunch, we favor Buttermilk Channel, Bubby's, Vinegar Hill House and Frankies 457. And the best-smelling snack place in the city? Buvette. For sweet little treats, the best ice cream we've had is Blue Marble, and the best chocolate chip cookie, Jacques Torres.

  4. Best hub. Walker, sweet man that he is, has been working on an easy way for me to upload recipes here. The sample recipe he put in? It included 2,347 sticks butter. Boy knows girl.

  5. I forgot to tell you! Best news. As of a month(ish) ago, I have a sweet, new niece. I loved how she was in a little papoose of a blanket when we first saw her. I loved that we saw her the morning she was born---a first for faraway auntie and uncle like ourselves.

  1. Have you heard of Soap Nuts? They're my newest hippie find and actually work. My homemade dishwasher detergent, sadly, is not as effectual.

  2. Most grateful. We have lived in New York City seven months. We're happy here.

p.s. Happy birthday to my little cowboy-boot-wearing sis! The East Coast misses you.