For instants


Here I am, all ready to write about instants of life that have us smiling lately. One teensy problem? It’s afternoon. And what good writer doesn’t abide by the excuse that no good writing happens in the afternoon.

So I will just pick up that excuse, although I shouldn’t, since it is just as tantalizing as the neon-red strawberries I also shouldn’t have picked up this afternoon for $7.99. I will just say right here that the photos and words in this post will just have to abide together, even though they are not matchy-matchy. It’s the afternoon. What can I say?


It’s been two weeks since we wove around the mountains of Tennessee, and so this post is strewn with the remnants of that visit. Forests full of spring foliage, timber paths and our wooden deck looking over those mountains. Those blue mountains. With the rains falling over the valley all weekend, we woke to their smoke, the low-placed clouds between the green and the blue swaths. The coats of horses in fields of wheat.


Here are some things we’ve been loving, with no accompanying photos.


The first photo in this post. Walker's brilliant at everything.

Rhubarb and asparagus season. We visited Bruges in asparagus season, and this bitter veggie was celebrated in main courses---and it wasn't bitter! I found upstate asparagus here that is so tender, with no signs of strings or shoelaces in sight. Mmm.


Hearing my niece and nephew on the phone. I told myself it was a guy thing for my nephew, but what do you know but my niece started it yesterday. “Ky peas talk to Ocker?” Husband wins popularity contest yet again.


This cute movie is actually disturbing.

The change of footwear warmer weather has brought to the subway. I see a lot of shoes on my commute. This style is my new fancy.

Maintenance at work took some fluorescent bulbs out from over my nook, which means with my cozy lamp, my work space feels even more inviting. Especially with The Civil Wars Pandora station. Want to stop by?

The burn of pressed strings on ebony. The cello came out to say hi last weekend.

A visit from my in-laws included lots of activities with something in common! Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Buttermilk Channel, Blue Marble ice cream (x2) . . . and an alphabet of other delicious adventures.

The opening of this restaurants’ outdoor seating.

My neighbors. Not to turn you off of our delightful (truly) neighborhood, but all of DUMBO had brown water on Wednesday night. Not just tannish, but full-fledged cloudy, dirty water. I knocked to see if it was just our apartment, and my neighbors’ husband told me it wasn’t. I sat chatting with his wife while he went out and brought us back 2 gallons of water from the grocery store.

My icecream maker
. Homemade yogurt frozen is Alie’s ambrosia of choice.

Long weekend. Know what I’m anticipating? Nothing! I’m soaking in the fact that we have no plans and can just enjoy the weekend as it flows along. Nearly a year after our move, the last of our ordered furniture is set to arrive, but other than that, we will probably be doing the usual. Dinner in a crowded neighborhood storefront in Brooklyn. Walks along the prominade. Psyching ourselves up for a trip to Manhattan here and there. Maybe walking (struggling!) through the packed farmer's market. Buying cheese. We'll see!

With that, I will leave you to the weekend, and some fresh hay and bursting trees!