Month: February 2012



We made mud-pies as kiddos, carpooled in high school, and met for coffee every break in college. When my other little 'sis' married her military man last month, Walker and I got the best seats in the house. It's been a few months, but here are some fave shots. Congrats to my Em way down in the Lone Star State---you're missed, sis!


Been meaning to tell you

a lot of things. I'm a skimmer, so I'll categorize to help you breeze! Most dramatic life change. I got a new job, and I'd have never thought. It's at a children's publishing company, and I'm basically a professional brainstormer and proposal-writer (although my title is much more boring). So far, I like. 2. Most innovative. Coconut flour works in pannekoeken, too! Most Unusual. We had dinner out together after work yesterday. This has never happened. There is nothing I love more than…


Morning glories

I don't really like to call resolutions resolutions, because for me they are usually just little ideas that sometimes pan out, and resolutions is so stalwart. My little idea for 2012 came after a whole lot of reading and research about my thyroid autoimmune disease. In trying to reduce some inflammation around my thyroid, I'm cutting out some foods that might make it harder for my body to absorb what it needs to heal. I've been avoiding all grains and sugar, while increasing my protein intake.…

a very late post

It’s not a shocker that moving to the City threw me off my happy European blogging train. I didn’t write much for months, because I couldn’t see beauty. But in December, there was light. I wrote this post Christmas week, and share now because it is still true. And maybe you've been in this good place, too? December 21, 2011 With damp drizzles and no sign of white, it feels like the beginning of spring here, but they say it’s almost Christmas. The scent of the drying tree has deepened to…