Before winter blows away, here are two things I was not prepared for with city life.

  1. Having to use an umbrella in the snow.

  2. The winter gusts. Not only walking through gusts which try to flatten me around each corner, but also the trash tumbleweeds. I almost got smacked with both a floppy latex glove and a milk jug today on the sidewalk.

We are back from a lovely weekend in the South visiting Walker's grandma where I ate a lot of cheesy grits and pork belly, and heard lots of "Aye-lee" and "WaLkah". One of the best parts of the trip was when our connection flight was delayed, so we spontaneously drove to Atlanta instead of flying. Napping in the sunny car was so pleasant and comforting, something I've missed with the halting underground transport these days.


New Yorkers lately are loving . . . Uggs. Yes, still. Watching movies on their phones while walking down the subway steps. Patterned leggings. I'm talking asteroids and pink leopard patterned. Pleather leggings. And Keds. Hello, 80s.

And I'm loving this handful of the most gorgeous flowers I have ever gotten (thank you, dashing man!). People holding elevator doors for me. Warm granola. Sweaters and boots to work every day (Yes! Still). Noosa yoghurt (shh, it's not organic). Meeting up with friends and taking them to a hole in the wall brunch space, and watching their faces when Anne Hathaway comes in.


So thankful winter is exiting. So thankful it's March and I leave work in light.