Driving Ireland: Part 1

It's a dull and hazy day in Brooklyn, and my writing brain seems to be solidly off. I'm much more excited about the farm-fresh caramelized peach ice cream waiting for me in the freezer, but I wanted to share another quick look at our most recent trip to Ireland.

It started on a dreamy note when I woke from my surprise upgraded seat (thanks, handsome husband!) in billows of blankets and pillows. Below me? Those green squares of fields marked off with low stones and flecked with sheep. The green I've waited two years to see it again. It feels like a long, deep sign thinking about it--so refreshing.

We spent the first few hours on a very-European-and-therefore-smooth-as-silk bus from Dublin to Belfast, where we met up with our friends, tour guides, and travel buddies. There's no way we can thank Mikey and Rachel enough for sharing their time and ever-lovely country and hospitality with us.


And the next few days were a bit of a sleepy, green daze with me exclaiming to Walker to look at the window, which he was already doing, and entreating him to shoot the next vista.


The first few days we spent driving up the north coast of the island to a small, idyllic huddle of freshly-restored cottages and barns, where we smiled all day while our dear friends were wed. It was so good we didn't even think about the camera. Then we were off to the west coast for some serious clean air and aqua-tinged water. More soon!