Month: August 2013


Ireland | Part 3

The smell of peat. I first glimpsed it in a whiskey distillery 4 years ago. Burned, dark, the odor of pure earth. I still don't understand how chunks of earth can be cut out of the ground and burned, but so it is. That was the smell of our beach holiday in Ireland. We drove to the west coast and slowly off pavement, to gravel, to grassy gravel, to a near field, when we ended up in the middle of some flowers on the seacliffs. The winds pulled us out of the car into the house, where we cooked and …


Daycation: Fire Island

We fell in love where the water came to earth, and last weekend my feet were craving that same kind of place, so we planned a very spontaneous trip (best kind!) to Fire Island. Despite a pile of transportation to get there (walk to subway to find our train isn't running--to cab--to LIRR train--to another LIRR train--to taxi--to ferry--to Ocean Beach!), there was a blissful lack of transportation on the island. No cars, just lots of feet and bikes and carts. On the island, I may have proceeded wi…