While we're working on editing up pictures of the pink Maui sunset, I thought I'd share something fun.

Discovering new foods is my version of retail therapy. Enter the Jackfruit.


The morning after we landed in balmy Maui, we ambled down to the farmer's market (ok, I basically ran), and oh oh oh the produce. We left with bags bulging with candy-like mangos, a machete-hacked coconut, Surfing Goats' Farm goat cheese, a wheatgrass shot, and the soft, dino-skinned Jackfruit.

It sat in the fridge a few days before the odor and weight of it could be born no longer.


The farmer told us Juicyfruit gum's original flavor came from jackfruit. Hellooooo, juicyfruit.


Here's where it gets weirder. The whole fruit is full of these pits, about the size of peach bits, covered with chewy, yellow sweet fruit. If I look slightly nauseated it's because I was. It was cold and slimy.


The flavor was delish, but the chewy texture wasn't my fave.


And, success!


Epilogue: Most of the jackfruit was whirred into a fresh coconut smoothie. I didn't drink it.