Maui 3: Red Sand Beach

Last trip to Maui, I didn't plan ahead. Walk had been to Maui, and all his suggestions were perfect for our relaxing honeymoon. This time? I borrowed books from the library, read blogs, and stocked up on ideas. One of the best suggestions was visiting the Black Sand Beach (more coming in another post) and the Red Sand Beach.

It seems the island doesn't want visitors on this beach, but we finally figured out the path, which went through the unmarked lawn of a community center, then through some very steep, very dusty, very slippable trails.

I was clinging to roots, and coated in a thin orange powder by the time we hit the beach.

Maui2013_Red Sand-8505
Maui2013_Red Sand-8491

The rocks were red, and the view so serene with sea mist coating the view of horses on the tropical hills beyond.

Maui2013_Red Sand-8576
Maui2013_Red Sand-8561
Maui2013_Red Sand-8555

We were about to head back up the dusty slopes when around the bend came a few others, pointing the way to another beach. Apparently, this red beach wasn't THE Red Beach.

Maui2013_Red Sand-8548

So we held our breath from the incoming tide, and scurried over some more roots and rocks, to look back on the magical land we'd been in.

Maui2013_Red Sand-8524
Maui2013_Red Sand-8518
Maui2013_Red Sand-8607

And then this:

Maui2013_Red Sand-8618

A red ampitheater sliced out of the rock, cradling a dramatic and hidden beach. You can see the size if you spot the two tiny heads of swimmers in the photo.

Maui2013_Red Sand-8614

Adventure success!

Maui2013_Red Sand-8627