Month: November 2013


Charleston, SC

Just as frost was reaching Brooklyn, our plane bounced through the humid, Southern skies into Charleston for a quick weekend look at a city I've long wanted to see. As we drove to our hotel Friday night,I'd already happily concluded this wasn't really a city. Charleston (pop: just over 125,000) felt more like a quaint small town. The walk to dinner in the warm evening mist started to relax the Northern tenseness out of me--and the crispy cornbread did the rest. Saturday morning brought one of…

Pumpkinseed Hill-9230

Pumpkinseed Hill

My nose was itching for some leaf must and my feet for their crunch, so last weekend, Walker drove me up to my second cousin's spectacularly refreshing and beautiful pumpkin farm in Connecticut. We stepped out of the car onto the gravel slope and the rich smell of autumn--earthly, dry, and cold--made the drive worth it all instantly. And then, there was this: Buzzing with rich fall colors, over 50 varieties of winter squash and pumpkins, and themed after the Wild West, there was a lot to do,…