Month: August 2014



I am so crazy excited to share our recent visit to the country that will always stand a spire's height above all others for us. In July, we went back to Scotland for the first time in three years, and the reunion was sweet as Scottish fudge (which is basically 100% sugar). We trisected the trip with stops in Edinburgh, the Isle of Skye, and St. Andrews, so I'll blog accordingly, starting with Edinburgh, that city of stately stone and effusive greens. Nearly as soon as we arrived in our hotel in…

Grand Cayman_Blog Aug-7

Grand Cayman Sea Life

I know it's been ages since I've been here, but that's because we've been so many other places! Summer in New York can be unforgivingly humid, but also starbursts of free concerts, ferry rides, and rainbows of delicious food. We've also been to Minnesota, Scotland, and the Jersey shore this month, so photos of those spots will be on their way here soon. For now, back to a summery trip we took when it wasn't quite so summery out. Here's a wrap of some sea adventures we took around Grand Cayman ba…