Month: September 2014


Boats, Trains, and Tires in Scotland

Our trip over oceans through woods to islands in Scotland happened in subway, taxis, planes, trains, boats, and cars. For my last post on our summer trip to Scotland, I wanted to share some of the photos Walker took on trains and boats on our travels. From Edinburgh, we boarded a train to Glasgow and then to Mallaig. The trains made a thousand stops, but seeing into each village and glen was kindof like looking into beautiful living rooms here in Brooklyn so it was all part of the fun. I loved…


The Isle of Skye

If there is a magical spot on the globe, I'm pretty sure we found it last month. We arrived via train from Edinburgh, then a ferry from the town of Mallaig onto the Isle of Skye, a place where every view stunned, the winds blew constantly, and everything touched water. I'm so excited to share this remote corner with you. Our first day started a bit of a downer as there was an accident on the main road (and as there is only one main road, the island was basically shut down for 9 hours), so we…