5 Year Anniversary

This summer has been my favorite of our five summers in the city and I have been trying to catch all the sun so I can shine like a glowworm in a few months when the wind tries to knock me over. We haven't traveled far this summer with just a trip to the lake in July. Every other weekend we walk, long walks by window boxes and barbecue smoke, toddlers on scooters and the hoops on the pier catching orange late into the night.

This summer has been the smell of beach towels and sand through the subway to our wood floors. Sweet corn sauce on pasta, walks every night in layers of magenta listening to the river lick the pier and the helicopters land. Birthday parties on roofs, banana pops and Netflix at night. It has also been nights with nothing to write about, cold wash clothes and headaches, cleaning the sausage grease out of the pan, wondering how to fix a problem, no milk left.

And all this is what makes up the last 5 years since I walked past white pews in a white dress with a long, long veil.


The moments on this blog are mostly when we are not where we usually are, and when we are most amazed. In a few weeks, we celebrate being married for five years, and the little joys of this week—sparkly clean rings, new paths in our park, sprinklers shooting up into the twilight sky—are rolled into the bucket of shiny, swirled marble moments along with the dull ones. And this is being married.

We'll be celebrating our 5th anniversary in two countries we haven't been yet(!), so this week I'm celebrating the ordinary days that are all confused up together, and how much better we know each other than 5 years ago. Each one is a gift, and I am so grateful to have him as my home, spinning together through this life, hanging out in this crazy bucket of the world as it swings through each day.

Love you like whoa, Walk.

Walk took these on one of our first dates, 2009.

Rehearsal dinner and wedding, 2010.

Rome, 2011. Denmark, 2012. Maui, 2013. Wyoming, 2014.

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