Month: September 2015

Iceland 2015_8181

The Golden Circle

The celebration of our fifth anniversary in Iceland and the Faroe Islands started in Reykjavik with a heavy dose of jet lag and a lot of Icelandic coffee. More on Reykjavik, where we circled back later in the trip, coming in a future post, because I want to take you straight out of the city and into the rugged and stony landscape of the country. We were headed about halfway along the southern coast of Iceland for 4 nights to stay in a remote cottage, so on our first day of driving we took a popu…


Iceland 2015

We are back from one and a half magical weeks in Iceland and the Faroe Islands and I’m bursting to share Walker’s photos and tell you about all the hidden spots we found. We hiked up a glacier into blue ice caves, scrambled up warm hardened lava to the top of a volcano island, and swam in milky turquoise geothermal waters. We ate bowls upon bowls of langoustine stew, walked on black sand beaches, and drove hundreds of miles through moon-like landscapes. I’ll be breaking the trip into lots of po…