Lunar Eclipse and Fall in NYC

I'm bumping into the Iceland series here to tell you about the best thing in New York: FALL!


Until the beginning of October, September stuck to us with classic humidity. But the past month has been clear air, cool winds around the corners of buildings, and that lovely apple must scent at the farmer's markets. I've been roasting roots in maple syrup and olive oil, making gallons of soup, and watching the yellows pop into the leaves across the street. Here are some moments of our autumn (taken with my phone and magically edited by Walker--except these first two):


The end of September brought a lunar eclipse, and we stood on the roof and watched the moon glow orange. Here are Walk's incredible photos of the rare blood moon.


My friends threw a birthday party for me on the piers in Brooklyn Bridge Park. We roasted s'mores and drank cider as the sun lit itself pink and hid behind Manhattan.

Hot pretzels and Halloween in Brooklyn Heights. Don't you just love New York in the fall?

This mirror display is part of a public art exhibit in Brooklyn Bridge Park showing off some foliage,


and here are some piles of autumnal veggies at the market.


We took a trip up to my family's farm in Connecticut last week for pumpkins and wine and apples (at a nearby farm), and the leaves waved at us the whole way there and back.

I'm not sure I've ever caught them so peak since we've lived in NYC.


Time to check the apple-cranberry crisp!