Month: December 2015


Thanksgiving 2015

Many, so many, good things start like this: Last weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving with 12 others in our apartment. A Pyrex dish exploded. A turkey thermometer broke. But being near the people I love was comforting and good. And endless sweet potato leftovers with soggy marshmallows are hard to beat. Here's a peak at our festivities, from brining the 18-pound turkey, whom we picked up from our farmer, to setting the table (clearly, I'm working hard), to mashing, testing, and wassailing. It was…


Autumn in New York

The pinnacle weeks of fall have been brushed away by winds that make my office windows quiver and chill me at my desk, but I'm still in the glow of my favorite time in the city. I realized a week ago as I walked home, probably carrying dry cleaning, a bag of onions and milk, and my empty lunch containers, that I can't imagine living anywhere else right now. Considering that many moons over the East River ago I couldn't sleep for the noise, I couldn't breathe for the dust, and I clenched against …