Month: February 2015


New York These Days

This is our fourth February in New York, and I say this every year, but it feels colder than it's ever been. It felt like -16 degrees on my walk to work yesterday. Even with a down coat and too many layers to count, my legs tingled. Of course, the cold is one of the best parts of the year because it lets me stay inside and eat cake for breakfast and read all Saturday. I love this permission to do less. Right now, snow is falling, almost deciding to stick to our window, and then realizing that…


Storm King

This post is chronologically confused, but I managed to forget the photos for half a year, and thought now would be a good time to share about our trip with our friends up to Storm King Art Center in October. Honestly, it's been so brutally cold in New York, that seeing these colors is refreshing tonight, and I hope you enjoy. We started the drive with a few stops at state parks on the way up, including this one whose name I can't recall, but was solitary save for the geese. We also drove into…


Happy Valentine's Day!

I was going through wedding photos and came across this one I'd never noticed before. I think it's most like how we still look at each other. Happy day, my love!


Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona

Sometimes it's just been too long talking on the phone. It had been 4.5 years since I saw one of my closest college friends, so over MLK weekend I flew out into the desert to see her (and a doctor while I was at it.) My first trip to the desert charmed me. I thought the dryness and lack of green would seem flat, but the colorscape of sages and tan mountains showing deep wrinkles were calming. Of course, the best part was meeting my friend Naomi's three little pixie-curled cuties, and talking…

Half Moon Bay-5

Half Moon Bay, CA

We wrapped up our trip to California with a real treat: a slow day in Half Moon Bay with the cliffs and the coast. This was my favorite stop in CA: the lit afternoon cliffs thick with succulents, the bagpipes from the hotel in the background, and curling up in blankets on the hotel deck as the sun set. The hotel was situated so perfectly for taking a deep breath by the window, and exhaling into the night, so starry and full of the sound of waves. The wind, the golf, and the cold surf all…


Big Sur and Carmel-By-The-Sea

From Sonoma, we drove into the miniature-sized town of Carmel-By-The-Sea just as the orange of a sun was rolling down into the Pacific. Our old-world hotel offered champagne at check-in, and we had just enough time to breath in the last, vibrant sunset of 2014 out the window and (why not?) take some end of year portraits! We ended the evening with Scrabble and a quintessential French meal at Andre's Bouchee: courses of chestnut soup, smoked salmon, John Dory with Beurre Blanc, confit duck…



We pulled into the town of Sonoma a back way fairly late in the evening after visiting the mystical Muir Woods and a calm, couple-hours drive, and the town seemed to consist mainly of a gas station, except for our hotel, a cozy collection of cottages around a central shrub-mazed courtyard. But when we went to dinner, the town was completely charming! Large windowed stores lined the town square, and the whole town was lit in white lights. No one got the memo about colored lights (or everyone got…