Year: 2018


Weekend in Portland

We are into full-on summer here in the City. Trash bags are sagging, heavy and leaking in the humidity. At night, we step over them, but then get into the park’s thick foliage and I reach and take long fast steps, wishing the fireflies to step from the air to my arm. Sometimes, they do; I usually only get a fast wink before they are off again, but still. Other than wonderful weekend trips to Chicago and northern Minnesota, we’ve been here, hiding during the weekend days, cooking up all the CSA…


Yen Duc Village, Part 1

I know, I know. This is over a year old, but it's still worth posting, so gracias for your patience. Before arriving at our final destination of our time in Vietnam last May, I was a bit timid. Our boat ride in Bai Tu Long Bay had been a slight disappointment (in the management front, not the view!), and I had purchased an add-on day at a local village from Indochina Junk, the boat company, as they had a partnership with the local village. But when we pulled into Yen Duc Village, my humidity…


Brooklyn and Beyond, Spring edition

So. I am feeling pretty nostalgic for this pretty country  after an early morning wakeup to watch the royal wedding. Last one, we were happily cozied in our stone flat, and spent the day toasting with dear friends. What a thrill. We will never not be nostalgic for the salty, storied island where we fell in love.  It’s been a while since I’ve written about anything but travel, so thought I’d take a wee break from restaurant recommendations and itineraries. This year has held the most…