Month: August 2018


The Maine Event

Look at us, Dad: a post on Maine only a few weeks later! (Yes, we still have not posted photos from our Bar Harbor trip last year. We have to take small victories where we can find them.) Nearly each year, I long for the cooler breezes of Maine when the summer starts to rot over the city like a smushed tomato. I know how this feels because not only did it feel like 103 today, but a tomato from our farm box smashed all over my dress.  But seriously, that moment of arriving and the tang of s…



I’ve been thinking on something lately, and that is that I do not read blogs for information, but for narrative. And due to how little time I’ve been dedicating to this blog the last 3 or 4 years, it’s become far too many travel details, and far too little story. Trying to remedy that here now. (Attention: only Alie iPhone photos ahead!) So, here’s where we are in this whole big world: travel is our escape from a city we love and hate fifty times each day, and so to write about it is also a…