Month: February 2020


Full Day on the Farm, Highlands

What makes the Scottish highlands so endlessly magnetic is not only the wildness, and seemingly untouched landscape, but how the land holds secrets. The land itself hides vast plots behind steep hills, so every small step can yield a whole new view. A hidden present. Our trip to Scotland in November's goal was to explore new areas of the Highlands we hadn't yet been. When I read about the work of WildLand, a non-profit funded by a generous family from Denmark, whose mission is "to preserve as mu…


Killiehuntly, a Place as Beautiful as It Sounds

I think often of the sorrow of leaving a place I love, whether I have just grown to feel so, or been in its presence for years of my life. In many ways, every place I've lived is inside who I am, and I carry that with me. And also, every place I've visited feels that way, too. When I don't expect, in the middle of a work meeting, one single impression will be in my mind as if I'm there: the evening light, the glow after the early sunset in Scotland.  It is rare to see the orb sink itself, w…


Croick and Glenmorie, Scotland

During our stay at the blessedly peaceful Alladale in the wilds of the Scottish highlands, more than 3 people (which was most of the people we saw) recommended a visit to the Croick Church, which was just an hour walk over the short hill.  We planned to visit on our last morning, but the damp had saturated the ground, so we drove around instead, to find the both the coldest and most serene church we have ever discovered. Only used occasionally now, the church, built in the 1820s, is noted f…