I'm turning into a Bratwurst

Or so I feel, and I entirely blame the thick gravies and dense breads. I was just looking at a menu and saw beer-flavored cheese. What? I omitted to mention yesterday that our elaborate breakfast buffet includes mini hot dogs. Lovely. Well, day 3 in Vienna down, and I have found some threads of continuity to report. Music. Brats. Gold. Music Confession: I have broken out into the hills are alive and Edelweiss,and I'm totally not embarrassed. Vienna also happens to be a classical music haven extr…


Baby, it's cold outside!

Here, there and everywhere, the weather is turning frightful; somehow with Bublé, that sounds magical instead of miserable,so we'll take it. But, baby, it is. I woke up to -2 c degree weather here. Brrr, baby, brrr. Here is back home in Scotland. As they say, huzzah; we’re back! We pushed our door in from the wall of leaves fortified around it yesterday . . . and felt no puff of warmth. For about three minutes I shivered dramatically, and hopped around the apartment on my big toes; the floors w…


Willkommen in Wien!

We arrived Friday night (and this was written Saturday, so sorry for the delay!), and discovered our internet doesn’t work. And so, blog posts will be less frequent than I thought, if ever again. Still, we are crankin’ out the photos, and have loads to show you of this Germanic and sunny (at present) city. Hold onto your horses! Walk and I took turns coming up with three words each to describe Vienna yesterday. My first one was heavy, and Walk quipped with not very friendly. He tried to pull on…