Czech Republic


Inner Romantic

After all those years of flashcard flipping, it turns out I have an inner romantic. Up there with Thoreau. My husband has referred to me as a hippie in moments when I’m jabbering about local food, or when the truth comes out that I like art more than academia. Indulge me as I modulate on a few things things my inner romantic is loving. I'm not even going to local food, promise. Romance(obvious, I know). Two plus months married, and I am still baffled that Walker likes me, let alone loves me. Th…


Czech it out

Most of my life is too organized, a short-coming that often hinders serendipity. So today we let go. We didn't organize every attraction we'd see by the hour. Today was spontaneous. Our ideas remained largely immaterialized and that glorious space left room for surprise. We moseyed on Charles Bridge for a while, gathering sun and listening to Dixieland Internationale, a band of Czechs singing American jazz. I'm sure you know those moments when you suddenly feel flooded with joy. Being on that br…


Boho hobos

Prague is a fairy tale. A photogenic fairytale; we took 351 photos in about 5 hours yesterday. Despite a dense and frightfully frigid fog, the city still looks like it’s party-ready. This place is decked out. Do excuse my summing-up tendencies, but we have so much to show and tell. So, a mile-a-minute, here we go. Squares Namesti, as they are called here, draw the city together like knots. The squares aren't really squares, but squished pentagons and trapezoids. The Old Town Square, which sits b…