Places we've been:

  • Bar Harbor
  • Kennebunkport
  • Portland
  • Scarborough

Acadia Mountain

Fall is here, and we walked home from brunch today; a ride we'd normally take a 12 minute cab or a 30 minute subway took us over an hour walk, but we didn't mind. It rained yesterday but the leaves have already shrunken back to curled, crunchy edges. You know I breathe the biggest sigh of relief when fall arrives. Wanted you all to see Walker's photos from our trip to Maine last year, but I honestly don't recall enough about each specific hike to share details. Instead, I am thinking of how it…


The Maine of Memories Past

Look how beautiful! Lucky us, the past two years have help trips to my favorite state: Maine. This year, we stayed farther south, spending lots of family time in Scarborough and Portland. But last year (and yes, we're really over a year late here), we spent a week in Bar Harbor, the quaint island harbor town of my childhood vacations. Like this year, we stopped in Portland for a night to split up the drive, visiting our recurring faves Fore Street, Duck Fat, and Commercial Street shops. We…


Going to Fair Scarborough, Maine

Walker headed back to NYC after a lovely long weekend with me in Maine, and my parents kindly let me stay the rest of the week with them in their hotel suite.  Thought I would share my unedited iPhone photos of some of our adventures, because pretty much everything we did was beautiful and worth a visit, too! First up, the Back Cove Trail right in Portland. My dad ran it most mornings, but took a break to walk it with me. I loved the marsh grasses and cranes (herons?), thin and elegant.…


A Short Time in Portland

Walker and I have been together 8 years, which actually reminds me that this blog is about that old as well! Happy blogiversary! As an early celebration, we skipped away from the family for a night alone in Portland two weeks ago. Portland is one of my favorite small cities, whose cobbles and local shops mirror Brooklyn, but whose buoys and coastal island views far surpass our garbage barges and skyscraper vista. We had planned to stay elsewhere, but in a moment of inspiration, I checked online…


Getting into the (Marsh) Weeds

Now that I've waxed, and waned, nostalgic for Maine, I can stop. Or keep going? Ok, fine. Since we were staying in Scarborough, close to my cousin's wedding destination, I searched around for some things a bit outside Portland for this part of the trip. Growing up, we'd driven through the Scarborough Audubon Center marshes each year on our annual pilgrimage to The Clambake (a place that still haunts me with seagull swoops where patrons feed them leftovers), but hadn't been back for years. …


The Maine Event

Look at us, Dad: a post on Maine only a few weeks later! (Yes, we still have not posted photos from our Bar Harbor trip last year. We have to take small victories where we can find them.) Nearly each year, I long for the cooler breezes of Maine when the summer starts to rot over the city like a smushed tomato. I know how this feels because not only did it feel like 103 today, but a tomato from our farm box smashed all over my dress.  But seriously, that moment of arriving and the tang of…


Sea-mist and Woodsmoke

It's getting chipper out, and a bit darker. The earlier nights make coming home cozier, more comforting. Walking through rows of Christmas trees stacked outside the grocer I don't pretend I'm in a forest, but I do take a deep breath of fir. I pass the new general store decked with felt ornaments and handmade goods, and smile I'm home (or almost there). I almost always walk the longer way to pass the shops lit and alive. When I'm in Maine, I have the same familiar contentment, and I don't even…



No corny title will do: Maine is just too gorgeous. Maine. Salt water runs in my veins (do you crave salt, too?), and at the beginning of my favorite month, we visited the place that never ceases to refresh and swell me with crashing refreshment. Maine. Tucked away on that dark, starry island each night in our room over the bay listening to boats and banter from the lobster bake-- with him and then waking to blueberry pancakes and amber syrup, walking until our ears stung and our breath and…


the vacation that ended a long time ago (maine 2011)

Maine has floated to the top of my brain along with the other beautiful places---Switzerland, Scotland, Tennessee. Tonight, it is happily crashing its waves against the feet of the Smokies. Its lobster boats are finding their way to Interlaken lake, and bouncing on the North Sea. I watch the memories of Maine merge with other beautiful memories, and smile that they live when they sink back into to our thoughts. Cadillac Mountain is the highest point on the East Coast, and we coil up it each…


Maine, the beautiful

Dip your hand in the cool seawater and hear the gulls rhythmic cries. If you're me, you'll flap your towel to scare the buggers away from your snack. Days here are unplanned. Boats slide across our vista silently. We find blueberry bushes along the trails, and beaver lodges. The late sun bleaches the grass tips and leaks into the wooded paths. There are shops to scan, deserted cottages to spy out. Mostly, the water whirs and whistles against the rocks where we sit on towels in the sun…