July 2011

the vacation that ended a long time ago (maine 2011)

Maine has floated to the top of my brain along with the other beautiful places---Switzerland, Scotland, Tennessee. Tonight, it is happily crashing its waves against the feet of the Smokies. Its lobster boats are finding their way to Interlaken lake, and bouncing on the North Sea. I watch the memories of Maine merge with other beautiful memories, and smile that they live when they sink back into to our thoughts. Cadillac Mountain is the highest point on the East Coast, and we coil up it each year…


Maine, the beautiful

Dip your hand in the cool seawater and hear the gulls rhythmic cries. If you're me, you'll flap your towel to scare the buggers away from your snack. Days here are unplanned. Boats slide across our vista silently. We find blueberry bushes along the trails, and beaver lodges. The late sun bleaches the grass tips and leaks into the wooded paths. There are shops to scan, deserted cottages to spy out. Mostly, the water whirs and whistles against the rocks where we sit on towels in the sun readin…


salt in the air again

I told Walker a month ago I wouldn't know what to do with myself once we were more settled. What would I do if I wasn't traveling in a few weeks, or anticipating the next flight on our endless roll? Right now, we have zero flights in the hopper. We've been in New York 3 weeks, and you know what? Being in one place has been calming and good and I didn't want to leave. But, here I am, surrounded by lobster, warm sand, and cold air on a brief trip to my family's summer spot. Every year growing up, …