Grand Cayman


March 2014
Grand Cayman_Blog Aug-7

Grand Cayman Sea Life

I know it's been ages since I've been here, but that's because we've been so many other places! Summer in New York can be unforgivingly humid, but also starbursts of free concerts, ferry rides, and rainbows of delicious food. We've also been to Minnesota, Scotland, and the Jersey shore this month, so photos of those spots will be on their way here soon. For now, back to a summery trip we took when it wasn't quite so summery out. Here's a wrap of some sea adventures we took around Grand Cayman ba…

Seven Mile Beach-5

Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

I'm so excited finally to show you a little bit of our trip to Grand Cayman from this past March! We're slowly editing the photos, so there will be lots more to come. Before I start, let me just say I promise I wasn't traveling solo--I wish the handsome photographer and his parents were in a few of these, but for some reason most of the photos we have are of me. After a pretty short flight from New York (maybe 3.5 hours), a steel drum band welcomed our plane at the airport and bright-red rooster…

Grand Cayman_Bow

Grand Cayman

The waters of Grand Cayman were magically aqua and clear as glass. We swam with stingrays through purple columns of coral, ate conch fresh out of the water, kayaked through dark water to view it light up with our hands in bioluminescence, and spent hours listening, watching, awing at this beauty. More soon!…