Minnesota & Wyoming


August–September 2014

Minnesota State Fair (2014)

Howdy! From the icy winter we had, it's quickly turned into bright Spring, with temps in the high 80s here. We've been enjoying so much about the city this season, from the public art in our park to fresh dinners to finally (!) strawberries that are deep red all the way through. We have some fun travels planned for this summer, but in the meantime, I wanted to drop in with another post about something a ways back now, which we inadvertently never posted about: the Minnesota State Fair last Augu…


Yellowstone National Park

Wacky is the best word I can think of for what we saw in Yellowstone. As I wrote about in the last post, during our anniversary trip to Wyoming this year we took a day trip to Yellowstone. One of the first stops we made was at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, a massive waterfall that gushed into a gorge so deep it made me dizzy, and looked as if it had been painted in burnt siennas, soft oranges and pinks. I wasn't fully prepared for what awaited us after about a 6 hour trip through the park, w…


Jackson, Wyoming: Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks

In our first trip to the West, we were mesmerized by the long sunsets that lit the plains golden for hours each night. We celebrated our 4th anniversary in Wyoming this year, a place I've dreamed of visiting nearly as long as I can remember. Our plane eased down between rows of Tetons right into Jackson, the only airport in a national park (it was there first!). And there we were: in dry plains interrupted by the jagged, shockingly high peaks of the Tetons. Walker's cousin met us at our hotel (…